About Us

The makeMORE Program

A picture of our first cohort of IEP students looking up at the camera

Immigrant professionals bring incredible strengths and value to Canada - highly skilled knowledge, competitiveness, languages, experience and education. York University recognizes and respects these qualities, having become a leader in developing and offering programs that enhance the qualifications of immigrant professionals from around the globe. We are committed to strengthening and enhancing such programs, including our new Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs), which focuses on the areas of Business, HR and IT.

Our makeMORE Advantages

Whether you're an IEP, employer or community partner, there are lots of ways our program can benefit you.

IEPs can take advantage of:

  • a certificate from York University;
  • key insights into Canadian business culture, mentorship with industry professionals and experience solving real challenges with local organizations;
  • language training, skill development and career workshops;
  • free loan of a laptop for the duration of the program;
  • the flexibility to study in the evening.

Through internships, consulting projects, volunteer initiatives and professional mentoring, IEPs provide employers and community partners with:

  • highly skilled knowledge and professional experience;
  • fresh global perspectives from emerging markets;
  • internship and consulting opportunities with little to no cost;
  • assistance boosting their diversity and inclusiveness initiatives; and
  • recognition as an employer of choice among future talent.