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Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies’ Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals.

At this time we are not accepting any applications. Our next intake is in Fall 2018.  Please join our Mailing List to be informed of information session dates in October and early November.

The deadline to submit your application for this cohort  is Nov. 22 2018

Step-by-step instructions on How to Apply:

Standard Application Procedure

STEP 1: Attend an Info Session & find out if you are eligible

We strongly encourage prospective students to attend an information session (so they have all the information they need before they pay the non-refundable $120 York University application fee)

Information sessions help interested applicants determine if they are eligible for the IEP program and if it is the right pathway for them, based on their profile, qualifications and professional goals. To find out about our next available Info session please join our Mailing list on our Home page

To qualify for the program, IEPs must:

  • be a permanent resident, landed immigrant, or Canadian Citizen, and be living in Canada for 3 years or less
  • reside in Ontario
  • have a minimum of a recognized non-Canadian Bachelor's degree in Business, IT or HR or related business discipline
  • have related professional work experience outside Canada (3 years minimum)
  • have a good command of the English language as proven by achieving CLB Benchmark, preference for CLB 8s or above score - and test must be within the past 12 months at the time of application. Click here for more information on how to obtain your CLB score.

STEP 2: Apply to University using the York University Application Form

To apply to the IEP bridging program you must first apply to York University and complete the University Application Form. Click here to begin your University application

The application is used for many York University Degree and Certificate programs so please follow these instructions carefully.

Once you are on the Prospective student web page select:

  1. York University Application
  2. Undergraduate Application

Click “Apply Now” and then on the next page under “Goal of Study”, respond to the following questions as indicated below:

  • When do you wish to begin class? Choose “May/June/July (Spring/Summer) 2019 (Note while the program will begin in Feb - the academic courses do not start until the May 2019 – you must select Spring/Summer 2019")
  • I wish to study toward a certificateChoose ONE from the drop down either “Certificate in Canadian Business for Internationally Educated Professionals (Liberal Arts & Professional Studies)” or “Information Technology for Internationally Educated Professionals (Liberal Arts & Professional Studies)”

The rest of the application asks you basic information in the categories of: Name, Identity (DOB, Gender, etc.), Address and Contact Information, Citizenship and Language information, Previous Education – Institution Names of Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools and years of study, etc. and consent, etc.

Paying the University Application Fee

To proceed with completing the University application, you must pay the $120 non-refundable fee via only the following Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard or Visa Debit.   NO other cards are accepted.    If you cannot pay using above cards, you will need to go to the Office of Admissions in-person and pay by personal cheque or debit.

If you have any questions re the application form or difficulty with payment, please contact:

York University, Office of Admissions, Bennett Centre for Student Services - 3rd Floor Reception
99 Ian Macdonald Blvd, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 

Tel: 416-736-5000, Fax: 416-736-5536

Temporary Payment Confirmation Number

After paying and completing your application, print a copy of the confirmation page AND write down your temporary payment confirmation number and keep emails or letters of confirmation of your application.  

Confirmation of Receipt of Application and York Reference Number to Track your Application

A few days after you have submitted your York University application form, you will receive an email from admissions saying: “Thank you for your application” and giving you an application reference number.  You will need this reference number to follow-up regarding your application, to complete your supplementary application form and as a reference on any transcripts you bring to the Office of Admissions.

The email will also refer you to This is a website where you will be able to log in with this reference number to track the progress of your application and to upload unofficial transcripts and course descriptions.  If you haven’t received this application confirmation email within five days, make sure to check your junk email in box and then follow up with the Office of Admissions citing your payment confirmation number.

 Submit Proof of your Degree and Official Transcripts to the Office of Admissions

 OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS. Transcripts of grades from all accredited postsecondary institutions that you attended (Under-graduate and/or Post Graduate Degrees or Certificates) should be submitted to York University’s Office of Admissions.  It is your responsibility to ensure York receives all the required supporting documentation (i.e. official transcripts and course descriptions).

Official Transcripts can either be sent directly to the York University Office of Admissions (address below) from your institution or be hand-delivered. Transcripts received in an institutionally sealed envelope that carries an official stamp, seal and/or authorizing signature of the issuing institution.

Credentials assessed by WES, CES or ICAS would also be acceptable if accompanied by the transcript of grades – ask WES, CES or ICAS to send them directly to the Office of Admissions noting your name, your York Application Reference Number and that they are for admission to the IEP Bridging Program.

If you have certified translations and/or originals that you cannot permanently give to York because it is your only copy, do the following:

  • Make complete photocopies of the originals;
  • Bring your originals along with the photocopies in person to the Office of Admissions (address below);
  • Inform the Office of Admissions you are applying to the IEP Bridging Program and that you would like them to stamp your photocopies to show that they have seen your originals;
  • Leave the stamped photocopies with your York application and any other supporting documents with the Office of Admissions (and keep your originals).

York University may be able to make a conditional offer of admission based on unofficial transcripts or copies of your transcript - however to remove the condition after acceptance, you will be required to have official transcripts submitted and reviewed when academic classes in May 2019.

To submit unofficial copies of your transcript:

  • upload them to your ca/myfile page after you receive confirmation of your application by email (see step 1).

Transcripts, certificates and other formal academic credentials not in English MUST BE TRANSLATED by a certified translator and included with your submission.

If your transcript does not include the year your graduated, you need to provide proof of degree/diploma completion.

The Office of Admissions will submit any suspect document to the issuing institution for verification. Applicants who have been found to have submitted falsified documentation or who have failed to declare their complete academic history will have their applications cancelled; if registered in courses the registration will be revoked. Where appropriate other disciplinary action may be recommended to or initiated by the relevant Faculty Academic Council.

Please be sure mailed documents include your full-name, York reference ID# and the program you have applied to. For example -  Name: John Smith, York reference #: 123456789, Certificate in Canadian Business for Internationally Educated Professionals.  Make sure you use the same name on all documentation when you are submitting them to ensure your application is processed without delay. If your status changed (e.g. you got married), as long as you indicate any previous names on your application (Step 2), the documents will be processed.

STEP 3: Complete the IEP ONLINE FORM

Upload your formatted resume, statement of interest, IDs, CLB results and other supporting documents to the IEP online form. 


  •  CURRENT RESUME -Please make sure your resume is as detailed as possible and that it highlights the following:
Professional Work Experience include: Educational Experience include:
  • Job Title
  • Dates Employed
  • Company Name
  • Company Location (City & Country)
  • Degree/Certificate Obtained
  • Area of Specialization
  • Dates of Study
  • Name of Educational Institution
  • Location of Educational Institution (City & Country)

Include ALL jobs both in Canada and abroad, even if they do not directly relate to your area of expertise.  Next to the job title, indicate if applicable: part-time, contract, or an internship in brackets. Example: Communications Coordinator (Full time, Contract)


Your personal statement should be between 250-400 words and be written in full sentence and paragraph format.

Guidelines for your statement of intent:

What are your career objectives in Canada and how does your experience match your objectives?

What has been your experience in searching for a professional position here in Canada? Specifically, which employers and/or members of your profession in Canada have you spoken with and what has been their feedback?

Based on your qualifications and the feedback you receive, describe how you think the York University bridging program will help you meet these objectives.

  • PROOF OF ONTARIO RESIDENCY (e.g. photocopy of Ontario driver’s license, Ontario Health Card, etc.)
  • PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY TO WORK IN CANADA (e.g. photocopy of Permanent Resident Card, copy of landed immigrant docs, or for refugee claimants work visa, etc.)
  • PROOF OF REQUIRED LANGUAGE LEVEL - Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (*scores in the last 12 months) If you do not have a CLB Assessment Go here to find out more. The test is Free of Charge at any YMCA 

OPTIONAL (Recommended):

  • Information or photocopies of assessment by regulated professional body (CGA, CMA, CPA, CFP, PMP, CSC etc.)
  • Photocopies of work references (optional)

Note - Make sure all uploaded documents are clear, in English (or official translated) and easy to read.  We may need to follow up with you if we need other documents, please respond to emails from .