Apply to Graduate

Important Dates

The deadline to apply for graduation in October 2018 is July 31st, 2018.

Celebrate Success Event
The IEP Program office organizes a Celebrate Success Event to recognize students graduating in the IEP certificate or who obtained career success. The next event will be held in Feb or March 2020. If you graduate before this you can arrange to receive your Certificate through the IEP office.

If you have fulfilled all requirements to graduate with the IEP certificate, follow these steps.

To get started follow these steps:

STEP 1: Prepare Your Academic Records

Before filling out the Application to Graduate form, students will be asked to provide the following:

1) Course Codes, Titles and Grades from each course
Students can log-in under the Current Student Website to view or print a list of courses and grades they have taken towards the IEP certificate.
Click on this link to Log-in to your Passport York Account.

2) Grade Point Average (GPA)
You will be asked to provide your overall Grade Point Average, calculate it ahead of time by using the GPA calculator.

3) Additional Supporting Documents (Optional)
If you have an email or a signed form approving a course replacement or substitution replacing  a required course in the IEP certificate, you will have the option to upload .doc or .pdf documents supporting the replacement or substitution.

STEP 2: Complete the IEP Application to Graduate Form

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when filling out the form.
When you apply to graduate, please ensure you select the following graduation date:

Select February if you finished certificate requirements at the end of December exams.
Select June if you finished certificate requirements at the end of April exams.
Select October if you finished certificate requirements at the end of August exams.

Application to Graduate in Business-All streams

Application to Graduate in Information Technology - Application Development Stream
Application to Graduate in Information Technology - System Analysis Stream

Please complete the application to graduate form by the deadline in the email you received from the IEP office.

STEP 3: Retain a copy of the Online Application to Graduate Form

After filling the application to graduate form, you will receive an email copy of the form you filled out.

In the coming weeks, you will be informed by the IEP office regarding the status of your graduation and next steps.


You can pick up your IEP Certificate from the Registrar's office in-person. To view their office hours and directions please go here. If you have any questions, please contact us.