Professional Development

Connecting with Employers

Once students have successfully finished their Foundation courses, they are eligible to participate in our EE programs that connect them to employers and jobs. We offer three ways to connect:

Career Coaching 

Get career ready with the help of a career coach. This part of the program focuses on improving your overall job search abilities through the provision of one-on-one employment services, group workshops and online training. Areas covered include job searching and goals, resume and cover letters, career planning, interviewing, and more.

Professional Mentorship 

Learn-unlearn-relearn-share. Mentors help empower new Canadians and ease the transition into the job market. By aligning you with an industry professional (a mentor), we aim to create a co-learning exchange environment from which mentor and mentee both benefit professionally and personally. This is also a great way to expand your professional network.


Hone your skills - gain Canadian experience. Practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills while working for an employer in a paid internship. You will gain Canadian work experience and exposure, extend your network, possibly gain a professional reference and enhance your ability to get a job. If you prove your abilities, employers may even wish to hire you!

If you are a current student who is interested in one of the opportunities listed above, please contact the IEP Office at