Meeting with a Career Coach

Are you nearing the end of the IEP Bridging Program and beginning to think about your job prospects? Have you already begun sending out resumes? We encourage you to take the next step and consider meeting with a Career Coach! We partner with Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge, a global leader in talent mobility, for their services. Ordinarily, one hour with a Career Coach would cost you between $125 - $ 175, but we offer these services to qualified* students free of charge.

*Qualified students are those who are nearing the end of the IEP Bridging Program. They should be in their last, or second-last term.

Read on to take advantage of this great opportunity!

What is a Career Coach?

This is a professional who spends one-on-one time with their clients, conducting needs assessments and determining how they can best position themselves to be successful in obtaining a relevant, satisfying job. If you were their client, they would review your resume, suggest strategic job seeking tasks, engage you in mock interviews, and more. Career Coaches can help you to better understand what might be worth changing to increase your likelihood of securing a great job. They will often give you work to do between meetings.

It is important to note that Career Coaches do not do the job search for you, nor do they find you a job. Think of them like personal advisors who know the job market and know how to help people succeed in it.

Who gets the most out of their time with a Career Coach?

  • Someone who is actively looking for a job, has an open mind, and is willing to hear and act on whatever suggestions the Career Coach makes.
  • Someone who has some flexibility in their schedule to meet with the Career Coach.
  • Someone who honours their own time and that of the Career Coach's so that they might make the most of the sessions.

Where do the meetups take place?

The company we work with operates out of a couple sites across the GTA. They try to assign Career Coaches with location in mind. This isn't always possible but they do their best. If you are wondering, it is indeed possible to have some meetings over the phone, but do consider the benefit of meeting face-to-face to make the most of the opportunity.

When can I meet with a Career Coach?

When you are nearing the end of the IEP Bridging Program and have begun to actively consider and/or look for jobs, you are eligible. Each IEP is typically afforded 6 - 8 hours as part of the service agreement. This time is usually spent in 1 hour increments but some meetings may be shorter. Ideally, you should plan on spreading these meetings out over 2 - 3 months. If you are planning to go away for a long duration of time in the midst of your arrangement, please do not start seeing a Career Coach. Taking longer than 2 - 3 months with them does not reflect the momentum needed for a successful job search.

How do I arrange this?

If you are a qualified student who is interested in this exciting opportunity, and you can commit to all of the specifications outlined above, then please email with the subject line "Your Name: Career Coach". In the body of your note, please tell us your area of expertise (ie. Marketing).

And remember, if you get a job, please update us via the Job Update Form! We want to celebrate your success.