York IEP Business Certificate

Foundation Courses

At York University’s IEP Bridging Program business students complete three university level courses  to ensure their soft skills are top notch.  These include:

  • Professional Communication in the Canadian Context
  • Canadian Business Culture & Management Skills
  • Canadian Business Law and Ethics

These foundation courses provide a full overview and practice of communication, teamwork, cross-cultural problem solving, leadership and management skills within the Canadian context.

Business Certificate – Streams and specialized courses.

The program also enables IEP business students the opportunity to take up to 5 advanced level university courses in their area of specialization, these include:

Through these specialized courses students in Business stream then gain current local professional knowledge and skills in their areas of expertise.

On the road to CPA designation

Courses offered under the Business Certificate Program can be used as CPA preparatory courses to gain some or all the prerequisites required for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program. Courses cover materials in the areas of Financial Reporting, Strategy and Governance, Management Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Finance, Taxation, Information Technology and Quantitively Methods/Statistics.

Success Stories of Business Graduates

Our business students have diverse backgrounds and have succeeded in growing their careers with key employers in Ontario. Here are a few success stories on where they are working now:

 Antonio Giuliani – Accounting student now at TD Canada

Yaser Feizi – Finance student now at RBC

Reka Tokes -Public Administration student now with the Treasury Board

Kyle Kubatbekov- Public Administration now with the Ministry of Education