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The Power of Networking-Marlene Lee Gordon and Vertex Precision Manufacturing

"This is a story of individual and corporate success. It's also a story about connections and partnerships. Many pieces of the puzzle came together to help Vertex find the talent it needed. From the Workforce Planning Board of York Region's employer engagement and education, to a hiring manager willing to give an IEP an opportunity to JVS Toronto's  partnership with York University’s IEP Bridging Program that enabled access to grants and subsidies to make the opportunity possible.  The rigorous preparation Marlene undertook at the York HR Bridging Program, and the students' excellent talent and drive, helped  both an IEP and a York company find success.Marlene is one of hundreds of students who participate in York’s IEP Bridging Programs for HR, IT and Business professionals.

This program offers a ready pool of talent and staff eager to help employers connect and advertise opportunities at no-cost to them." Read more about Marlene Lee-Gordon.

Christina Koropouli, Senior Organization and Employee Development Advisor at University Health Network

"When I enrolled, I didn’t think I needed help with the soft skills, but I actually found these to be the most important ones,” adds Koropouli. “They addressed cultural aspects and I could immediately apply it in my daily life. They were key things that I had to do right away to get a job." Read more about Christina

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