Get what you need to make a smooth transition to the Canadian workplace from committed professors with active experience in the field.

We’ll help you strengthen your accounting skills, knowledge and expertise to qualify for jobs that match your education and experience. You’ll learn how to communicate, understand and determine the financial operations and reliability of any type of Canadian organization—large or small.

What do professionals need to be successful in this field?

  • A professional designation
  • Industry experience
  • Regulatory compliance expertise
  • Proficiency with company-specific software systems
  • Knowledge and insight into Canadian business and culture

Sample courses

Course offerings depend on the instructor and room/resource availability. Here is a sampling of the kind of accounting/auditing courses you may take as part of the customized plan.

  • AP/ADMS 3510 3.00  Managerial Cost Accounting and Analysis
  • AP/ADMS 3520 3.00  An Overview of Canadian Income Taxation
  • AP/ADMS 3585 3.00  Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • AP/ADMS 3595 3.00  Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • AP/ADMS 4510 3.00  Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues
  • AP/ADMS 4515 3.00  Internal Audit
  • AP/ADMS 4520 3.00  Advanced Financial Accounting I
  • AP/ADMS 4530 3.00  Advanced Financial Accounting II
  • AP/ADMS 4551 3.00  Auditing and Other Assurance Services
  • AP/ADMS 4552 3.00  Information Systems Audits
  • AP/ADMS 4553 3.00  Auditing: Advanced Topics
  • AP/ADMS 4561 3.00  Taxation Of Personal Income in Canada
  • AP/ADMS 4562 3.00  Corporate Taxation in Canada
  • AP/ADMS 4563 3.00  Introduction to US Federal Income Taxation
  • AP/ADMS 4570 3.00  Management Planning and Control Systems
  • AP/ADMS 4590 3.00  Comprehensive and Multi-subject Accounting Problems

NOTE: CPA Ontario provides exemptions/transfer credits for accounting courses taken through the IEP Bridging Program.

Related professional bodies and associations

Internationally educated professionals interested in pursuing one of the following designations will need to be assessed by each individual association to determine the necessary course work, professional examinations and work experience required to become a member.

Members of foreign professional accounting associations may be eligible to participate in reciprocity agreements already established between the above professional organizations.

The Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario is the only designated body authorized by the Public Accountants Council of Ontario to grant public accountant licenses. A public accountant can provide independent assurance (review or audit engagement) with respect to the financial statements of an entity.

You may also find the following external associations and organizations helpful in terms of networking and skill-building.

Careers and career transitioning

Sample jobs you may qualify for upon completion of the program include:

  • Public Accountant
  • Internal Auditor
  • Tax Advisor
  • Controller
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Accounting Manager
  • Manager of Financial Reporting