Finance is an essential part of managing any organization, large or small, and also essential to helping families plan their own financial future. Learn how to manage the financial affairs of a company to work in Canadian corporate finance.

You’ll learn from faculty who are highly active in research on today’s most important financial problems. Their research interests touch a broad range of areas including wealth management, corporate finance, financial management, investment and portfolio management, financial engineering, financial institutions and markets, risk management, fixed income securities, asset pricing, real estate, ethics in finance and environmental management.

What do professionals need to be successful in this field?

  • A professional designation
  • Knowledge and insight into Canadian business and culture

Sample courses

Course offerings depend on the instructor and room/resource availability. Here is a sampling of the kind of Finance courses you may take as part of the customized plan.

Finance Classes CFA CFP Mgmt.
ADMS 3531, Personal Investment Management
ADMS 3541, Personal Financial Planning
ADMS 4501, Advanced Portfolio Management
ADMS 4502, Professional Investment Management
ADMS 4503, Derivative Securities
ADMS 4504, Fixed Income Securities and Risk Managment
ADMS 4505, Advanced Personal Finance
ADMS 4506, Professional Financial Planning
ADMS 4535, Financial Statement Analysis
ADMS 4536, Security Validation
ADMS 4540, Financial Management
ADMS 4541, Applied Corporate Finance
ADMS 4542, International Financial Management
Accounting Classes
ADMS 3520, An Overview of Canadian Income Taxation
ADMS 3585, Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ADMS 3595, Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ADMS 4561, Taxation of Personal Income in Canada

The column labeled CFA shows the courses that will provide the best preparation for
writing the Level I and Level II exams for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. These are recommended, rather than required, courses.

The column labeled CFP shows the seven courses comprising the FPSC-approved Education Program. All courses must be completed before writing the CFP exam.

The column labeled Mgmt shows five finance courses most relevant for the management of non-financial institutions. Additional classes in accounting are highly recommended.

Unsure of which finance courses to take? To get a better idea of the finance courses offered at York, click here.

Related professional bodies and associations

Internationally educated professionals interested in pursuing one of the following designations will need to be assessed by each individual association to determine the necessary course work, professional examinations and work experience required to become a member.

Other external associations and organizations you may be interested in include:

Careers and career transitioning

Sample jobs you may qualify for upon completion of the program include:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Credit Analyst/Manager
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Cash Manager