Bridging for HR

Currently we are not intaking for the Human Resources Program.  However,  students with a HR background are welcome to apply to the Management stream of our IEP Business Certificate.

Building on the education, skills and relevant work experience that you already have, York University’s Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) certificate will prepare you for a smoother transition into a career in human resources.  Through York’s courses, professional development and connections you will be more prepared for a career in Ontario.

Our number one goal is to help IEPs transition with confidence into a job in their field.  The courses offered within the York certificate also count towards the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) designation. (For more information, see below)

Our number one goal is to help IEPs transition with confidence into a job in their field.

How can you tell if bridging is right for you?

Bridging positions you for employment that fits with your goals and career path, however it does not guarantee you a job upon graduation. As a student you'll benefit from our courses, practical learning opportunities, and industry connections if:

  • You are currently working in a job that doesn't match your skills, education, and experience or you are unemployed
  • You have not participated in a similar Ontario bridging program before
  • You are ready and willing to do the preparation required to get ready for employment in your field
  • You have the ability to take a minimum of two courses per term

Sample Courses

  • HRM 2600- Human Resources Management
  • HRM 3400- Occupational Health and Safety
  • HRM 3490- Compensation
  • HRM 3470- Recruitment, Selection and Performance Appraisal of Personnel
  • HRM 3430- Human Resources Planning

'Extra' courses (to be used for course substitutions, or for students wishing to complete their regular York Certificate in HR)

  • ADMS 2400- Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
  • ADMS 1500- An Introduction to Accounting: The Analysis and Use of Financial Information
  • HRM 3410- Training and Development
  • HRM 3422- Industrial Relations

Note:  Several HRM courses can be used towards fulfilling the requirements for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) Designation.

Related Professional Association

Internationally educated professionals interested in pursuing the following designation will need to be assessed by the association to determine the necessary course work, professional examinations and work experience required to become a member.