Admission Requirements

How can you tell if this program is right for you?

Our program supports IEPs to transition with confidence into a job in their professional field in Canada. As a student, you will benefit from our courses, practical learning opportunities, and networking if:

  • you are currently unemployed or underemployed i.e. are you working in a job that does not match your skills, education, and experience;
  • you are ready and willing to do the preparation required to get ready for employment in your field;
  • you have the ability to take a minimum of two courses per term (i.e. 2 nights per week);

To qualify for the program, IEPs must:

  • currently reside in Ontario and have lived in Canada for 3 years or less,
  • have a minimum of a recognized bachelor’s degree in a related Business, IT or HR discipline from a non-Canadian University or institution;
  • Be a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or recognized Protected Person (as defined per article 95 of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (S.C. 2001, c. 27). Note: Refugee claimants and new Canadian Citizens are eligible to apply to the IEP Certificate Programs only – they are not eligible for the foundation program due to program funding criteria;

Note: if you are applying for the Certificate Program only you should not have participated in a similar Ontario bridging program already. This does not apply to the Foundations Program.  If you are unsure whether the program you have previously attended is an Ontario bridge program or not, please contact us for more information or you can view a list of other programs here.

To discuss if you qualify or if you require more information on admissions, please email your questions with a copy of your resume and degree(s) to before applying.