Fees & Additional Funding

How much will it cost me?

The program course fees are paid in four installments over the 16 month period, starting two months after the start of the program. Students should budget approximately $5000.00 to cover their fees, if they are not able to get a bursary.

Jumpstart to Success,  the first program course is offered free of charge.  50% the fees for  the bridging program's next three foundation courses are subsidized with funding from the Ontario Government funding.  Students then pay regular tuition fees for their five specialized courses.

Weekly English language support classes and ongoing job search support events are provided at no cost.  Students in the program gain access to the York University community, libraries and receive free job search support in areas including career coaching, alumni mentoring, networking, career and employment workshops, etc.  

Are there opportunities for funding to cover the program fees?

Students can apply after acceptance for the OBPAP (Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program), which is a bursary from the Ontario Government of up to $5000.00  made available to students in bridge training who demonstrate financial need (note the extension of it nor a student's qualification for it are guaranteed). If available from the Ontario Government, IEP students will receive notification from our office, after they have been accepted into the program, and encouraged to apply for the bursary through York University's Financial Services. We will aim to provide you with an assessment regarding your bursary eligibility before the fee payments are required.

Students can also apply for micro-credit loans designed for Immigrants and Refugees returning to education through the Windmill Microlending or Access Community Capital.  This can help with fee or areas not covered by the program such as textbook purchases, transportation, living costs and the non-refundable application fee.

For more information on OBPAP (Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program) visit   https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-bridge-training-bursary

For information on micro-credit loans for IEPs visit Windmill Microlending (Formerly IAF) https://windmillmicrolending.org/ or Access Community Capital http://www.accessccf.com/Internationally_trained_individuals

This program does not qualify for OSAP (Ontario Student http://www.accessccf.com/Internationally_trained_individualsAssistance Program).

More information and details are available at information sessions before applying.