Timelines & Course Schedules

While timelines are subject to change, students will presently be adhering to the following format:

IEP Bridge to Employment Foundations Program

In 2020 the new Foundations program is scheduled to begin in August.

Jumpstart to Success Course Pre-Term Course: 8 sessions in August (4 weeks part-time 2 evenings per week)
2 Workplace Foundation Courses Term 1: September-December (3 months - part-time 2 evening per week)
Career and Language Supports Term 1: September-December (8 weeks drop in Saturday Language, Group Career Coaching Sessions, Career Fair – September (TBC),

Term 2: Jan to March (8 weeks drop in Saturday Language Support)

1 Specialized Course (Optional) Term 2: January to April (3 months - part-time 1 evening per week)

Note: due to COVID-19 the format of delivery for the program will be finalized in Summer 2020 – if in-person courses cannot be scheduled the courses and activities may be shifted to an on-line delivery format.

IEP Bridging Program Certificates in Business and IT

Currently we are not intaking for the IEP Certificate Program. We will provide an update when the next intake is confirmed.

Jumpstart to Success Course Pre-Term Course: 10 sessions (5 weeks part-time 2 evenings per week)
2 Foundation Courses Term 1: (3 months - part-time evenings)
1 Foundation Course

+ 1 Specialized Courses:

Term 2: (3 months - part-time evenings)
2 Specialized Courses:  Term 3 (3 months - part-time evenings)
2 Specialized or Elective Courses: Term 4 (3 months - part-time evenings)


Note on courses: Students are expected to commit to at least 2 courses per term in order to be admitted to the programStudents wishing to finish the program faster may take 3 or 4 courses per term, after successfully completing their first term.  One 3-credit class runs 1 day a week, typically for 3 hours (evening classes are typically from 7-10 pm). For each 3-hour class, the anticipated homework, group work, and general class preparation workload outside of school is an additional 3 to 9 hours per week.